Professional Windshield Replacement

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Severely damaged windshields can be an expensive situation to deal with. Getting it replaced by hiring a professional to install a new windshield is the best option. The new windshield should also meet all the safety standards according to the regulations of auto glass safety. The windshield is a crucial part of your car that relates a lot with your safety and comfort when driving your vehicle, so when you use an auto glass that doesn’t meet the safety standards, not only you risk the safety of everyone in the vehicle, but it’s also illegal.

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When you need a windshield replacement, you should go to a certified auto glass shop that has certified auto glass technicians that can do a proper installment of a new windshield. Considering the importance of windshield for the vehicle’s safety, you should only trust trained professionals to do the job.

These days, a good auto glass shop is not hard to find, if you search on local business listings on the internet, you will see that there are a lot of auto glass shops on your area. These shops are offering all kinds of services related to auto glass installation and repair. Many of them also offer mobile services, so in case you don’t have time to take your vehicle to their shop, they can send a certified auto glass mechanic to repair or install new auto glass at your preferred location.

When choosing an auto glass shop, quality should be your main consideration. High-quality service is much more important than cheap price when it comes to auto glass, especially windshield. However, it would be great if you can get both high-quality service and great price. That’s why you should choose wisely and make comparisons before you decide on an auto glass shop to replace your windshield.

Safety Tips

When you’re searching for an auto glass shop, you will notice that some of them are offering “same day delivery” or “speedy on-site” services. Such offers could be misleading sometimes. It is true that the installation process of a new windshield can be very quick, but that doesn’t mean you can use the vehicle right away after the installation is finished, because you need to wait until the adhesive is completely dry.

So it depends on the type of adhesive being used in the process, you might have to wait for 3 up to 24 hours before you can take your car on the road. So be sure to ask the auto glass technician, especially if you’re using a mobile service, how long you should wait before the car is ready.

Temperature changes and humidity will also affect the time needed for the new windshield to be ready. You are also advised not to take your car to a high-pressure car wash after the new windshield is installed. Sudden pressure will impose a terrible effect on the new windshield. It’s better to wait for at least 24 hours before you take the car to a high-pressure car wash to be safe.

Most people think that it’s the moisture that’s causing a damage to a newly installed windshield when you take it to a car wash, but that’s not true, because actually it is the pressure that’s causing the damage, so you don’t have to worry if it’s raining after you install a new windshield.

You are also advised not to drive too fast and drive on uneven roads too much. Just take it easy with the car to at least for the first few days.


A Brief History of Automobile Windshields

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The history of that massive piece of glass stuck at the front of your car, van or truck actually goes way back to the earlier 20th century, when makers of horseless carriages began to put sheets of glass in front of the vehicles to protect the driver from the cold winds. However, these did not offer adequate protection against incoming debris. This glass, while useful was also not thoroughly thought through at the time and could pose a threat to the driver if the vehicle was involved in an accident.

In 1903, a breakthrough was made in the field of glass lamination; a chemist by the name of Edouard Benedictus accidentally dropped a glass flask filled with dried up collodion film in it, he noticed that while the glass did break, it did not shatter and kept its original shape. This led to the development of laminated glass for an automobile, but the technique was not mass implemented until the 1920s.

The laminated glass proved to be very effective in protecting the riders from damage that could be caused by debris or projectiles. While it was a great leap forward, this kind of laminated glass offered only marginal protection to the riders. Further research was conducted and it was found that if a thin layer of PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyral) was sandwiched between two glasses, it enhanced the glass’s strength and added a measure of resilience to it.

The glass and the PVB are sealed together by a series of pressure rollers and are then heated to ensure that the two different components bond both chemically as well as mechanically. The mechanical bond is primarily due to the “stickiness” of the PVB while the chemical bonding occurs due to the hydrogen bonding of the PVB to the glass.

The inserted layer of PVB between the glass allows the windshield to absorb the energy during an impact and gives the glass resilience against flying projectiles. A secondary advantage of having PVB is that it also deflects 95% of the UV rays from the sun. The PVB enhanced laminated glass helps with two different functions, firstly it allows the passenger side airbag to deploy properly.

While the driver side airbag deploys straight from the steering wheel, the passenger side’s airbag is supposed to bounce off the windshield towards the person. The windshield has to be strong enough to absorb the weight of the passenger in the event of an accident and prevent him/her from being ejected outside. Secondly, the windshield also supports the weight of the roof of the vehicle and stops it from collapsing should the vehicle tip over.

Clearly, the windshield of your vehicle is an impressive piece of technology and goes a long way to making your drive a safe one, so treat it with the same respect that you would any other part!

Finding The Right Windshield Technician

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You’re enjoying a nice quiet drive on a beautiful summer day, suddenly gravel from a nearby construction site bounces off your windshield causing it to crack; well there goes your peace of mind!

Windshields are by far the most delicate part in a 4 wheeled vehicle and if any damage is inflicted on them, it should be repaired as quickly as possible, especially since such damage can easily become bigger as your vehicle negotiates with speed bumpers and potholes.

Fortunately for you, most windshield chips and breaks are easily repairable; however you should consider finding a certified professional auto glass technician. Remember, the windshield is a crucial component of your car so repairing or installing a new one for that matter will take a skilled hand.

How is a Windshield Repaired/Replaced Properly?

A professional installer will have the experience to replace the glass on a wide variety of different vehicles. He will also use the right glass for your particular vehicle; in fact, a good auto glass repair center usually sources its glass from good auto glass manufacturers or preferably OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies.

OEM companies usually use the same systems to make glass for automobiles as they do for replacement versions as well. So, if your auto glass repair technician is using glass which he has sourced from an OEM, they will fit right in with your car without leading to leaks or wind-whistles.

Next, the right materials will be needed in order to ensure that the job is done properly. Auto glass repair work requires good quality urethane which is used as an adhesive as well as good quality glass.

Lastly, a good windshield replacement shop will also stand behind their work, which is why they should offer you a warranty as well so be sure to ask for it.